Low risk fund built to protect conservative investors

Take full benefit of maximum safety and rapid ROI!
  • 37.39% ROI in the last 12 months

  • Gold Market

  • 1% Drawdown Risk
  • 98% Win Rate in 2017

Imagine the bank gives you a 30%+ interest on a term deposit?

This GM Trader fund is pretty much what it is.

Trading in Gold

Since 2014, Gold has sustained a regular growth of approx. 10% despite market conditions and crisis.

Professionals Trading on Your Behalf

Working around the clock to make sure your money is protected and growing.

1% Drawdown

This means that the maximum amount this fund is set up to lose is 1% of it’s overall capital.

"If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."

– Warren Buffet

Most professionals don't know what to do with their income, and waste it all on taxes and inflation.

Our investment funds are designed to grow capital in the most low risk, high return manner.

When high income earners invest with us, their money grows in multiples in their sleeps, their capital in safe hands with the professionals, and they can fast-track retirement or money goals.


  • Fund registered in Nov 2013
  • Average 148 trades per 12 months
  • Total fund size $84.8M (2018)
  • Profit sharing every 5 weeks
  • 5% targeted profit performance

How It Works:

Invest (min. $15,000 USD)

Set & Forget

Enjoy ROI every 5 weeks

Bank interest will never catch up with inflation. Don’t settle with low interest rate.

Make your money work for you with robust security to safeguard your investments.


"Advice Warning from May Chee, founder of Smart Investing for High Achievers: I am not a financial planner or an economist, I don't have an MBA and wasn't much good at school. I'm a self-taught investor and my results are not typical. So on that basis, all advice is general advice and does not take into account your personal circumstances. If you want to get specific advice on your personal circumstances, seek an independent financial professional who has actually achieved the results you are seeking to achieve. However, good luck with that. Never blindly take action on what I (or anyone for that matter) say or report. You can lose money by investing. I have; and in some cases, you could lose your total capital invested. There are no guarantees in the field of investing. It's your money and the best person to manage it is you. The more educated you are in your specific areas of investment, the more likely you are to make smarter, educated and ultimately profitable decisions. Click here to read the full Risk Disclosure."

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Minimum 37% ROI!

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